house What About Checks?

As a landlord you want to find the right Tenant for your property. At your first meeting with out team, we will establish with yourself the sort of people you wish to occupy your property and we will endeavor to find tenants matching that criteria.

Once interest is shown, we will ask for various references. Only when we are 100% satisfied with the references will we present them for your approval, and from there we would prepare the tenancy agreement.

What About A Deposit?

In most cases, we request a 4 week deposit on all tenancy agreements. We ask for a deposit to help ensure the Tenant looks after the property and as a safeguard against unpaid rent, damages and unpaid utilities.

This deposit is held by the Landlord and is refundable at the end of a tenancy, only after the Tenant has vacated the property, provided the property and their account are in order and subject to the conditions within the Tenancy Agreement.

What About Repairs?

For properties managed by Oksford Consults, we work alongside contractors who can provide repair services, in case of any remedial works. If things go wrong and the Tenant contacts us, we will notify you immediately. In the majority of cases the problem can be resolved quickly.

If a serious fault does occur and we are unable to contact you, we can authorise a repair agreed by you prior to the commencement of the tenancy or contact a representative you recommend in Uganda.

If you wish you can appoint and see to the repairs yourself.  To ensure work is carried out as quickly as possible and meets our standards you could appoint us to carry out the work.  A quote of the charges will be presented to you before the commencement of work.

Once the tenant has occupied the property you do have an obligation to ensure it is well maintained. Carrying out repairs efficiently is as important for you as it is for the Tenant.

Preparation And Presentation?

It goes without saying the better prepared your property is the quicker it is to let it out.  We recommend your property is properly prepared and that any decorating jobs are undertaken prior to marketing.

Furniture should be of good quality or removed all together.  The compound should be clean, and domestic appliances serviced.  To sum it up, quality homes attract quality tenants.

What Type Of Tenancy Agreement?

Most common tenancies are Assured Shorthold and are subject to the landlords agreement terms. Most agreements prepared are for a committal period of three months in some cases six months. Thereafter, it is perfectly acceptable for the tenancy to run on a month to month basis, with a written notice of termination given.

How Do I Receive My Rental Payments?

For managed clients, we will collect the monthly rent on your behalf. We then make deductions for management charges and other maintenance items, paying the net amount into your bank account, then forwarding a receipt or statement to you


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